Continental Conversational Portuguese Series 3 on CD

Conversational Portuguese Series 3 on CD

Conversational Portuguese Series 3 moves the student toward a more fluent understanding of basic European Portuguese. Learn new vocabulary, useful conversational expressions, and helpful grammatical constructions in this complete and self-contained program. Included are two CDs that provide authentic European Portuguese pronunciation; two reference cards for portable convenience; a transcript of the audio lessons so you can follow along; an illustrated workbook with 40 exercises, puzzles, and quizzes. The answer section helps you test yourself and repeat the material as often as needed. This combined oral and written program guides you through lessons progressively so that success is fast and frequent, and fun, too!!

Contents of European Conversational Portuguese Series 3 CDs:

  • CD 1 Chapter Topics:Greeting and farewell expressions. Vocabulary: the table, the house. women's and men's clothing, underwear and sleepwear. Grammar: subject pronouns. 30 AR infinitives, AR conjugations in the present.
  • CD 2 Chapter Topics: Quiz. AR conjugations, complete sentences. 10 ER infinitives. ER conjugations in the present, complete sentences. 10 IR infinitives. IR conjugations in the present, positive and negative sentences. Direct object.

Conversational Portuguese - Series 3
Complete Set on CD:

Includes two CDs, two reference cards, a transcript of the audio lessons, and an illustrated workbook.

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Continental Conversational Portuguese Series 3 on CD

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