Continental Portuguese Vocabulary Series 1 - Learn Portuguese

Continental Portuguese Vocabulary Series 1 on CD

Portuguese Vocabulary - Series 1 is a complete, self-contained Portuguese language program consisting of two CDs, two reference cards, a transcript of the audio lessons, and an illustrated workbook with over 40 pages of written exercises, puzzles, and self-testing quizzes.

  • An answer section is included for easy referral.
  • The material covers basic vocabulary, useful phrases for conversation, and also includes some introductory grammar constructions.
  • The audio lessons feature a native speaker using authentic pronunciation, while the workbook sharpens reading and writing skills through exercises that can be repeated as needed.

This combination of spoken and written practice is the most successful method of language acquisition available, and it is presented in a clear, concise, user-friendly format. Whether your interests are professional or personal, Series 1 provides an excellent beginning for your European Portuguese language studies.

Contents of European Portuguese Vocabulary - Series 1 CDs:

  • CD 1 Chapter Topics: The alphabet, changes in the pronunciation of the letters c and g, other important detail about the letters of the alphabet. Numerical adjectives: ordinal numbers 1 - 10 and cardinal numbers 1 - 300. The days of the week, the months and seasons of the year.
  • CD 2 Chapter Topics: Quiz. Cardinal numbers 300 - 1000. Practice using numbers in the thousands. Telling time and using time expressions. Complete sentences.

Portuguese Vocabulary - Series 1 Complete Set on CD
Includes two CDs, two reference cards, a combined transcript of the audio lessons and illustrated workbook.

  • Item #: CPVS1CD

Continental Portuguese Vocabulary Series 1 on CD

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