Conversational Portuguese Volume 1 Workbook

Maria Oliveira's Conversational Portuguese - Volume 1

Designed for the adult learner, this Conversational Portuguese Workbook is a practical and user-friendly approach to the grammar and vocabulary of the European Portuguese language.

Individuals who pursue a program of self study can set their own pace and every user will find a clear, concise course of study that is efficient and fun!

At 140 pages, there are 38 lessons in which students study practical vocabulary that is useful in everyday situations. They learn the names of the following items, food - fruits, vegetables and beverages, clothing, greetings, family members and relationships, numbers from 1 to 1000, telling time, days of the week and months. The components of sentence structure are explored in sections on nouns, adjectives, prepositions, and articles. The Portuguese Verbal System is introduced through the study of regular ar, er, and ir infinitives, as well as the ser and ter verbs and ter idioms.

Throughout the Workbook, clever illustrations aid in identifying vocabulary and concepts. Each lesson includes multiple exercises that reinforce the grammar and vocabulary learned. In addition, the frequent use of quizzes, games, and puzzles engages the student while ensuring that practice and repetition can be effective paths to retention and the acceleration of oral proficiency. Such embedded techniques provide a check-point on learning by identifying subjects that need review. Students who complete the Workbook have the satisfaction that comes from building on the successful completion of each lesson.

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Conversational Portuguese Volume 1 Workbook

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