English Online for Portuguese Speakers

English Course Online for Portuguese Speakers

This affordable and efficient online course is designed for Portuguese students who want to learn English. The useful vocabulary and relevant phrases presented in 32 lessons enable students to engage successfully with native English-speakers. Practicing and self-testing with over 100 interactive exercises is easy in the digital format provided; access is assured on any electronic device, from computer to hand-held.

All the lessons include audio expressions for correct pronunciation of American English. Practice lessons can be repeated as often as necessary enabling students to learn at their own pace.

This online course is an excellent beginning for Portuguese natives who are planning to live in an English-speaking country, and it is equally practical for visitors who need English language skills for touring or doing business internationally.

Upon completion of your order you'll be issued a user name and password to access your lesson. This user name and password will be valid for 1 full year.

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English Online for Portuguese Speakers

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